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In Southern California, thousands of people rely on public transportation, including the area’s numerous different buses and bus lines. While a bus accident is relatively rare, it can and do still occur—often with devastating results.

If you were injured or your loved one was killed in an accident involving a DASH bus, Metro/Metro Rapid bus, Big Blue Bus, Greyhound or Amtrack bus, Flyaway bus, or any other national, local, or municipal bus, reach out to Saeedian Law Group. Our Los Angeles bus accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights, including your right to a fair recovery.

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Who Is Liable for a Bus Accident?

Like other types of accidents involving commercial/municipal vehicles, such as truck accidents, bus accidents tend to be more complex than typical car accidents. This is largely due to the number of potentially liable parties.

Depending on the specific circumstances involved, any of the following parties (or a combination thereof) may be at fault for the accident:

  • The bus driver/operator
  • The company that owns, leases, or operates the bus
  • An individual or entity responsible for bus maintenance
  • The manufacturer or distributor of a defective bus part
  • A third party, such as another driver
  • A governmental/municipal entity

This list is not exhaustive; another party not mentioned here may also be fully or partially at fault for a bus accident.

Seeking Compensation for Catastrophically Injured Clients

Another complicating factor in bus accident claims is the issue of catastrophic injury. Because buses are large, heavy vehicles, they often cause considerable damage when they collide with other vehicles and objects. Additionally, bus passengers often do not wear seatbelts and they do not have the protection of airbags when accidents occur. Unsurprisingly, therefore, bus accidents often result in devastating, life-altering injuries. In legal terms, these are known as “catastrophic injuries,” and typically include things like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries/paralysis, severe burns, and broken bones, accidental amputation, internal organ damage, and more.

At Saeedian Law Group, we understand the unique challenges catastrophically injured individuals face on the road to recovery. Our bus accident attorney, Michael Saeedian, has the experience, knowledge, and legal skill to effectively navigate the legal process on your behalf. We can help you fight for the maximum compensation you are owed for your medical bills, lost income/wages, reduced or lost earning ability, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and other damages.

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