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Uber is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and one of the leaders in the ridesharing industry. Expectations are high when you’re working with a company like that, but there may still be times when you’ll need the help of an Uber accident lawyer.

Sorting through the aftermath of an accident if you’re an Uber passenger is going to be a complicated undertaking. You will need legal assistance at some point, and that’s where we at the Saeedian Law Group can step in. Expect an arduous legal battle ahead, but don’t worry because we’ll be right there to help.

What You Need to Know About Accidents Involving Uber

We all take on risks when we get on the road as a passenger or a driver. That’s why we try to follow all safety measures ahead of a trip.

While it’s fair to expect Uber drivers to be more careful on the road given that it’s their job, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that they are not exempt from being involved in car accidents. They can still be careless, make mistakes, or be downright unlucky.

So, how often do Uber drivers get into accidents? According to the company, only 0.1 percent of their trips produced a support request for a safety issue. Uber adds that only 0.0003 percent of their trips produced a report of a critical safety incident.

Those numbers would suggest that an Uber trip will turn out uneventful almost all the time. However, the San Francisco Public Press does point out that there were thousands of other accidents that were not accounted for in that Uber report. That casts a fair amount of uncertainty on what the real incident rates are.

Your safety cannot be completely guaranteed during your Uber trip. Make sure you act right away if something goes wrong. Look for an Uber accident attorney and get to work on building a case so you can get the driver and the company to take responsibility for the accident.

Why Uber Accidents Happen

When you book a ride via the Uber app, you fully expect the upcoming trip to be uneventful. The driver will pick you up, you’ll be on your way, and you’ll eventually reach your destination. Most of the time, the rides do go off without a hitch.

Sadly, car accidents can still happen. Vehicles driven by Uber drivers are no exception to that. You expect Uber drivers to be more careful on the road, but that isn’t always the case.

As pointed out by Human Transit, there are different potential explanations for why car accidents can still happen during Uber rides.

One possible explanation is that Uber doesn’t do a good job of finding the safest and most careful drivers around. Drivers for Uber don’t need to go through different types of training before they’re allowed to drive. The company does look for drivers with clean records, but those records do not always indicate that the person in question is careful on the road.

The article from Human Transit also suggests that the safety of your Uber ride can be driver-dependent. If you end up with a reckless driver, the chances of you being involved in an accident climb significantly.

Although we’d like to believe that we are always safe when we book a ride on Uber, that may not always be the case. In the event of an accident, make sure you take the proper legal steps to receive the compensation you deserve. Partner with a Uber accident lawyer right away and don’t let the company off the hook.

Acknowledging the Threat of Assault During Your Uber Ride?

Being involved in a car accident is not the only thing you need to be wary of as an Uber passenger. Some Uber passengers have also reported that they were assaulted during their trip.

Going back to that 0.0003 percent number from earlier, the San Francisco Public Press notes that included in that figure are 5,981 accounts of sexual assault and an additional 19 cases of fatal physical assault. Once again, we cannot be certain if those numbers cover everything because there are cases in the past that were not accounted for.

The point here is that the threat of being assaulted is real. You shouldn’t assume that your Uber driver will always be on their best behavior for the duration of your trip. Be alert and stay vigilant for any warning signs that your Uber driver may attempt something.

Unfortunately, victims are not always able to protect themselves against abuse. Passengers may be in a vulnerable state when they enter the vehicle, and the assault can go on unimpeded from there. Do not allow any incident such as that to go unpunished.

Hire us at the Saeedian Law Group if you were assaulted by your Uber driver. As your Uber lawyer, we will not stop until justice has been served in your case.

The Importance of Having a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

You can argue that driving your own vehicle is safer than booking a ride with Uber. Even if that’s the case, though, you cannot always avoid using Uber. There may be times when booking a ride on their app is your only option if you want to reach a specific destination on time.

If something bad does happen during your Uber trip, remember that you are not helpless. An Uber accident lawyer can help you understand the current situation and present you with a way to proceed.

In the event of an accident, your lawyer can help you identify which parties you can sue. Due to the way Uber works, it’s not always clear who is on the hook for an accident. The lawyers here at the Saeedian Law Group will help you identify the parties to name in your lawsuit.

Uber passengers should also brace for what could be a lengthy legal battle with Uber. The company is not going to pay you without a fight.

You need to prepare for a fight that could go on for a while if you want justice and fair compensation. We at the Saeedian Law Group promise you that we will be there fighting alongside you every step of the way.

The Other Benefits of Working with an Uber Accident Lawyer

The laws that determine how ridesharing services can operate are still constantly evolving. That makes it tough for many Americans to understand what they need to do in the event of an accident.

Allow us at the Saeedian Law Group to get rid of those concerns. Understanding the law is our job, and we’ll put our knowledge to good use as we work on your case.

Winning a case against Uber is not going to be easy. Still, we know it’s a fight worth taking on. Hire us at the Saeedian Law Group, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that justice prevails. Contact us for a consultation.