Beverly Hills Motor Scooter Accident Lawyer

Electric scooters are relatively new modes of personal transportation, and they’ve been climbing in popularity recently. New riders and other motorists are still getting used to them, which is why it’s a good idea to know a motor scooter accident lawyer who can help if an emergency arises.

We at the Saeedian Law Group can handle personal injury cases involving those new modes of transportation. Allow us to fight for your rights and ensure that you receive fair compensation if you were the victim of another party’s negligence.

The Causes of Electric Motor Scooter Accidents

Because they are still new and look relatively flimsy next to cars and even bicycles, many assume that electric scooters are inherently unsafe. That’s not necessarily the case, though. More often than not, the reason why scooter accidents occur is because of factors not related to the two-wheeler itself or its user.

For instance, larger vehicles such as cars may cause trouble for electric scooter users. A bump from a car can send an electric scooter and its user flying.

Because many car owners are also not used to sharing the road with electric scooters, they may forget to check for them while driving. While turning, a driver may fail to see a nearby electric scooter user, and that could easily lead to an accident.

Streetsblog USA also notes that the lack of infrastructure that’s capable of accommodating electric scooters is also putting users at greater risk. Lanes specifically designed to accommodate cyclists have helped reduce the number of bicycle accidents. Until those same lanes are created for electric scooters, accidents will still be way too common.

There are also times when the electric scooter itself is the cause of the accident. Ways in which the electric scooter may malfunction include the brakes failing to engage, the motor having issues, or the wheels getting punctured. If one of those things happens during your ride, an accident may be inevitable.

Whether the cause of your scooter accident was a negligent driver, poorly designed infrastructure, or product failure, you should know that there’s a way for you to receive fair compensation. Hire us at the Saeedian Law Group to work on your case, and we’ll hold the right parties accountable.

The Injuries You May Sustain from an Electric Motor Scooter Accident

Electric scooter accidents are no joke. You could get seriously hurt in an accident while riding one of those two-wheelers.

A recent article from Science Daily hints at a concerning trend related to the injuries users sustain from electric scooters. The article cites a study conducted by the Henry Ford Health System. According to their findings, about 28 percent of the injuries users sustained from electric scooter accidents involved the head and neck.

Injuries of any kind can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. They become even more threatening when they affect vulnerable parts of the body, such as the head and neck.

The study also showed that around 33 percent of those head and neck injuries affected internal organs. Lacerations made up about 25 percent of the head and neck injuries, while nearly 16 percent of the injuries were abrasions and contusions.

Some of the people included in the study also had injuries serious enough to be hospitalized. To be more specific, around 10 percent involved in the study had to remain in the hospital due to their injuries.

The point here is that the injuries you may sustain from an electric scooter accident can be severe. You may end up needing to stay in the hospital for an extended period for expensive treatments. If you’re not at fault for the accident, there’s no reason why you should be paying for your own treatment.

We at the Saeedian Law Group will work with you to ensure that your treatment is paid for by the responsible party. Recover at your own pace as we work on getting you the accident compensation you rightfully deserve.

How to Stay Safe

The chances of you receiving compensation following an electric scooter accident may drop significantly if you overlooked something important. The party responsible for what happened may argue that you failed to take proper care of yourself while riding your electric scooter. They may argue that your own negligence is what led to the accident taking place.

You need to do your part when using your electric scooter. Follow basic safety measures to protect yourself as much as possible whenever you go for a ride.

Start by reading the owner’s manual included with your electric scooter. Take note of any safety tips the manufacturers have listed and follow them. The manual may also include maintenance tips that will prevent your electric scooter from potentially malfunctioning in the future.

You should use your electric scooter solo. The electric scooters currently on the market do not accommodate more than one rider. The blame could be on you if an investigation finds that you were riding with another person at the time of the accident.

Wearing safety gear whenever you use your electric scooter is another habit you must develop. Put on gear that you would wear to stay safe from a motorcycle accident. At a minimum, you should wear a helmet, but don’t shy away from putting on elbow and knee pads if they help you feel safer.

Lastly, remember to practice defensive riding when using your electric scooter. Defensive riding tips you should follow include always keeping a close eye on your surroundings, staying away from a car’s blind spot, and not using your phone while you ride.

How Our Beverly Hills Motor Scooter Accident Attorney Can Help

Negligent parties may attempt to blame you for the electric scooter accident to avoid their responsibilities. We at the Saeedian Law Group will not allow that to happen.

Hire us to be your motor scooter accident lawyer and we’ll see to it that the responsible party is not let off the hook. We’ll secure the compensation you deserve and clear your name in the incident.

Take your time recovering from the accident and leave the legal battle to us. Contact us today for a consultation.