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Important Steps to Take if You’ve Been in a California Bus Accident

Los Angeles has one of the country’s most comprehensive, extensive public transportation systems, and the bus lines are an integral part of daily transportation for thousands of L.A. residents. 

Fixed-route buses aren’t the only buses in the city, either. Long-distance transportation buses, privately rented buses for parties or group trips, school buses, and hotel shuttle buses are common sights on L.A. roads. 

With so many buses on the roads, the chances of being involved in a bus accident are unfortunately higher as well. It’s important to know what to do after a bus collision in California.

Step One: Report the Accident

The first thing you should do after an accident is to report it. When you call 911, you can quickly get medical help for anyone who needs it, especially anyone who may have been struck by the bus. 

Emergency services also mean the police arrive, too. They can:

  • control the situation,
  • collect witness accounts of what happened, and
  • ensure that all the facts of the crash are documented in an official police report, including the probable cause of the accident.

Step Two: Get Medical Care

Bus accident injuries can be severe, especially if the bus hits a

  • passenger car,
  • cyclist, or
  • pedestrian

People riding on the bus can also get seriously hurt. 

Even if you’re able to walk away from the crash, this does not mean you are uninjured. Bus accidents may cause “hidden injuries,” which are injuries that don’t present symptoms right away. 

In addition, the adrenaline that your body releases after a bus crash can mask the pain you feel from an injury, so you may not be able to accurately determine whether you are hurt.

Step Three: Document Everything from the Accident

After any type of accident, it’s important to write down everything you remember from the events leading up to the collision while the memories are fresh. You should also document the scene of the accident if you’re able, such as by taking pictures or a video with your phone. 

Note the names of any witnesses or others with you, including their contact information, as well. These details can be critical to the success of a case your Los Angeles bus accident lawyer files. 

Step Four: Don’t Make Statements About Your Injury Without Your Lawyer’s Approval

You can speak with your medical care provider about your injuries, but be careful what you say to other parties involved in the accident, especially those that do not represent you. 

The bus company’s insurance adjustor may contact you to ask for a statement about the accident or your injuries. Anything you say about the accident or injuries may be used against you to minimize or discredit your claim. 

Your lawyer will often communicate with the other party on your behalf, protecting you from saying anything that may jeopardize your claim. 

Talk to an Experienced Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents can be more complex cases than other types of traffic collisions because the defendants can include both the driver and their employer. 

Major bus companies or municipalities, like the City of Los Angeles or different school districts, have extensive resources available to them, making securing the settlement you’re entitled to challenging. 

For these reasons, as soon as you are able, look for an experienced legal team who has a proven track record of successfully litigating complicated bus accident cases to represent you.

Do you need a bus accident attorney in Los Angeles?

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