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After a car accident in San Bernardino, you may not know how to obtain a copy of your police report.

There are two different ways to acquire a copy of car accident reports in San Bernardino.

You may request a copy of your San Bernardino car accident report in person or by mail.  If you have any questions, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to assist in obtaining a copy of your San Bernardino accident report. 

How to Get Your San Bernardino Accident Report in Person

To retrieve your accident report in person, visit the San Bernardino Police Department at 710 North D Street, San Bernardino, 92401.

You must head into the Records Department where you may request a copy of your San Bernardino car accident report. However, allow 10 days to pass after the incident before requesting copies of car accident reports in San Bernardino. 

When requesting a copy in person, the San Bernardino Police Department provides you with a Report Request Form to complete. You must know your report number to provide to Records Department personnel.

Additionally, be sure to bring your government-issued photo identification, whether it be a driver’s license or an identification card. 

The Records Department at the San Bernardino Police Department is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

How to Get Your San Bernardino Accident Report by Mail 

You may alternatively request a copy of your car accident report in San Bernardino by mail. This may be the slowest method of retrieving a copy of your report, however, it may be the most convenient option in some cases. Keep in mind that requests may take up to three to four weeks for processing. 

You must send a request to the San Bernardino Police Department and include the following relevant information in your request: 

You must also include a check or money order to cover the cost of the report. The San Bernardino Police Department charges $0.25 per page for the report. You may wish to call the Records Department at the San Bernardino Police Department to determine the exact cost of the report prior to sending a check. 

Why Is Your San Bernardino Accident Report Important?

A San Bernardino accident report provides relevant information observed by an unbiased police officer. Additionally, San Bernardino accident reports provide relevant and useful information regarding the accident, including:

  • Date and time of the accident; 
  • Location of the accident; 
  • Vehicles involved; 
  • Contact information of involved parties;
  • Insurance information; 
  • Vehicle information; 
  • Weather conditions; 
  • Crash diagram; and
  • Narrative of responding officer.

All of this useful information may be used by insurance companies and attorneys in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. 

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