5 Most Dangerous Roads in Los Angeles

Besides palm trees and beaches, the crowded freeway is another popular image that symbolizes Los Angeles. The Rebuild SoCal Partnership estimates that there are approximately 650 miles of freeway in Los Angeles County. 

With an estimated population exceeding 9.8 million people, according to the U.S. Census, Los Angeles is home to an abundance of drivers who use its freeways. Crashes and collisions are bound to happen. However, some roads in Los Angeles see more accidents than others, making them especially dangerous for drivers.

What freeways are the most dangerous in LA?

Crosstown, a data-based nonprofit news organization, tracked the number of accidents on 24 different stretches of highway in Los Angeles for a year. Then, in 2018, it divided those accidents by the number of miles in that segment to reach the number of accidents per mile. 

The segments of freeway with the highest number of accidents per mile included the following five dangerous stretches, ranked from the lowest to the highest number of accidents per mile:

The 105 (Century Freeway)

Running east and west between State Route 1 and I-605, this 18-mile stretch of freeway had an accident rate of 101.8 car crashes per mile along the entirety of its eastbound route. That means in the course of the year, this relatively short freeway saw over 1,800 car collisions.

Interstate 10 (Santa Monica Freeway and San Bernardino Freeway)

The I-10 is part of a transcontinental freeway that stretches from Florida to California. Several stretches of this major highway see a significant number of accidents, including both east and west directions between I-5 and SR 57. 

The eastbound segment had an accident rate of 102.4 crashes per mile, while the westbound route had a rate of 116.5 accidents per mile.

Another segment, running near downtown Los Angeles from the I-5 interchange out west to Santa Monica, also saw a significant number of accidents. The westbound stretch had an accident rate of 131 crashes per mile, while the eastbound route’s rate was 138.6 accidents per mile.

Interstate 5

Along the portion of this interstate between Interstate 405 in the south and Interstate 10 to the north, the northbound segment had an accident rate of 125.6 per mile. The southbound segment’s rate was even higher, at 138.6 accidents per mile.

Interstate 405

The 405 runs along the southern and western sides of downtown Los Angeles. It is one of the busiest highways in the nation, carrying a significant amount of personal and commercial traffic daily. It should come as no surprise, then, that this highway makes the list as one of the most dangerous highways in the Los Angeles area.

The most hazardous segment of this north-south highway lies between Route 110 and Interstate 10. The southbound portion of the 405 had a rate of 127 accidents per mile. The northbound route, which leads to San Fernando, had an accident rate of 154.5 crashes per mile.

Interstate 110

The northbound portion of this freeway that runs between U.S. Route 101 and Interstate 105 could be the most dangerous highway segment in the Los Angeles area. The accident rate was a stunning 162.8 accidents per mile traveled. 

The southbound portion did not fare much better; its accident rate was 122.2 crashes per mile.

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