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San Diego personal injury attorney
San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

A Trusted Personal Injury Firm in Beverly Hills

A negligent act can have significant consequences. You may end up harmed due to one of those actions, which is why it’s important to have a personal injury attorney who will fight on your behalf.

Personal injury cases are rarely ever simple. You can contest everything in court for who is to blame for the severity of the injuries. Working with an experienced and skilled attorney is a must if your injury case is going to succeed.

If you’re a San Diego resident, feel free to partner with us at the Saeedian Law Group to ensure that your personal injury case is professionally and expertly handled.

What Is a Personal Injury?

When we’re talking about personal injury in the context of the law, we’re usually referring to harm done to a person. Per the Legal Information Institute, personal injuries specifically refer to injuries that affect a person’s body, mind, and/or emotions.

The injury itself may be caused intentionally or through negligence. In some cases, the personal injury may also be a result of dangerous activity, meaning one party may be held responsible via strict liability.

There are different examples of personal injuries. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common kinds below.

Car Accidents

Car accidents account for numerous personal injury cases. In the United States alone, over 38,000 people every year die due to car accidents, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. Add to that 4.4 million more people who end up with injuries serious enough to warrant medical attention, and you start to see how prevalent vehicular accidents are.

If you’ve been driving for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ve been in a few minor accidents over the years.

While many drivers are fortunate enough to walk away from accident scenes in good condition, others are not quite as lucky. They may end up with soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and even concussions.

Following the accident, you may have a hard time taking the actions necessary to hold the other party responsible. You will need a San Diego personal injury attorney to help you handle the aftermath of the accident and pursue the necessary legal actions against the offending party.

Assault Cases

We noted earlier that some personal injury cases are the result of one party intentionally harming another. Often, a case such as that is an example of an assault.

Cases that can be classified as assault include assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, sexual assault, simple assault, and vehicular assault. Those are among the more notable examples, but there are other cases that can be considered as a form of assault.

For victims, the effects of the assault also often go beyond physical injuries. Mental and emotional scars may also be left behind by the incident.

We at the Saeedian Law Group understand how difficult it is for victims to stand up to their assailants. Count on us to stay by your side throughout this ordeal as you pursue justice. San Diego residents who need legal assistance in their assault cases can always approach us for help.

Premises Liability

You have certain responsibilities as a property owner in San Diego. We’re not only talking about taxes here, although you should always remember to stay on top of those as well. Instead, the responsibility we’re referring to here is known as duty of care.

Duty of care means that you have a responsibility to maintain your property. The law expects that your property is safe enough for any guests, customers, or employees to be in. The property in question should be reasonably safe enough for all its inhabitants.

Paying attention to the safety of your property is especially important if you’re a business owner. You could wind up owing an exorbitant sum of money if the court finds that an accident on your business property was the result of your negligence.

A San Diego injury lawyer can help you whether you are the property owner or the person who was injured. Get in touch with us at the Saeedian Law Group following the incident, and we’ll see to it that the result of your case is fair and just.

Product Liability

A personal injury can also be caused by a defective product. There are different ways in which a particular product can be considered defective.

For instance, it’s possible that an error during the manufacturing process led to the creation of a defective product. The wrong type of battery may have been installed in your smartphone. Upon charging, that defect may have led to the battery and the smartphone itself exploding.

A defect could also be the result of poor design on the part manufacturer. A knife with a slippery handle can easily cause an injury. Consumers can argue that the poor design of the knife is the cause of their injury.

Consumers can also claim that a specific product is defective if it lacks appropriate safety warnings. Toys with small components that are marketed to young children can be deemed defective if they do not come with choking warnings.

Remember that you can take legal action with the help of an injury lawyer if you end up injured due to a defective product. San Diego residents looking to file a lawsuit against negligent manufacturers can approach us at the Saeedian Law Group for assistance.

Dog Bites

Many of us are fond of dogs and have no issues with being around them. However, there are some situations wherein dogs get so agitated that they will bite anyone close to them.

A dog bite can lead to some serious injuries. You will need to file a lawsuit to get those injuries covered.

It’s also important to note for San Diego residents that proving negligence is not a necessity in dog bite cases. Even if the owner was being responsible and taking the necessary precautions, they can still be held responsible if their dog attacks you. Work with a personal injury attorney to ensure that you receive fair compensation in your dog bite case.

The injuries you sustain can make it difficult for you to move forward with legal proceedings. That’s why we at the Saeedian Law Group want to offer our assistance.

Let us handle your legal affairs as you continue to recover from your injuries. Contact us today and see how we can help in your personal injury case.

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  • Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle Pulling out of a Driveway Causing Client to Fly Over Hood $1,000,000 Policy Limits
  • Assault & Battery by Nightclub Security Against Three Girls $625,000
  • Client Rear Ended; Insurance Denied Any Injury $475,000
  • Defendant Ran a Red-Light T-Boning Client $250,000
  • Client Crossing Street at the Crosswalk Hit by Defendant’s Vehicle $250,000
  • Client Rear-Ended $175,000
  • Client Slipped and Fell at a Grocery Store; Insurance Denied Liability $160,000
  • Client Rear-Ended by a Taxi $100,000 Policy Limits
  • Client T-Boned; Insurance offered $12,000 $100,000 Policy Limits

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