A man falls next to a wet floor sign

What Do I Do if a Customer Is Injured at My Business?

Being a business owner is full of everyday challenges, but sometimes, you run into situations that go beyond the norm; one of those involves customer injuries. 

If someone gets hurt at your business, your first concern will most likely be for their well-being, but if the customer’s injury is severe enough, the reputation and financial welfare of your business can be put at stake. 

As such, working to ensure a better outcome for everyone requires an understanding of what to do if a customer gets injured on your premises.

Assist the Customer and Ensure the Safety of Others

If a customer gets hurt while in your store or establishment, do your best to offer them assistance; when in doubt, call an ambulance. It’s okay to let the injured customer use your first aid kit, but don’t offer any direct medical assistance unless you’re trained to do so. Assisting someone without proper training might make the injury worse, opening you up to more liability.

Additionally, while it’s important to offer assistance, you should never admit fault for the injury. If the customer files a lawsuit, any admission of fault might be used to make a judgment against you.

Beyond that, you should also ensure there isn’t a risk of other customers getting hurt; for example, if a customer has slipped and fallen on a puddle, you should block off the area and put out a wet floor sign. 

Thoroughly Document the Incident

Thorough documentation of an incident is vital. Make sure you include the following:

  • A written report of the incident
  • Photos of the hazard that caused the accident (if applicable)
  • The time and date of the incident
  • Statements from witnesses

The more detail you have, the better, as insurance companies may need to access the report when determining liability.

Report to Your Insurance Company

On the subject of insurance companies, yours will need to know about the incident, so make sure you report it as soon as possible. 

Some industries have their own reporting requirements, which means that, depending on the exact nature of the incident, you might need to report it to more than just your insurer. If you need to report the incident to regulatory authorities, make sure you do so as well.

Take Steps to Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again

There’s no way to undo a customer injury once it’s happened, of course, but you can take steps to reduce the risk of something similar happening to anyone else in the future. 

Take a careful look at what happened to determine where you may be able to amend safety protocols or even physically modify the premises to minimize the risk of customer injuries; for example, if a customer was injured after tripping over a box left out in an aisle, you might add a new rule that forbids employees from leaving boxes unattended while stocking shelves.

Talk to a Lawyer

Ultimately, if a customer ends up injured at your business, there’s a fair chance you’ll end up in legal hot water, which means it’s always wise to set up a consultation with an attorney for advice on how to proceed.

Has a customer been injured at your business?

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance that a customer can suffer an injury at your business. Even seemingly small hazards like leaky ceilings or clutter on the floor have the potential to create a life-limiting injury for a customer — and a very expensive lawsuit for your company.

At Saeedian Law Group in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA, we focus on personal injury cases. If a customer has gotten hurt at your business, we can help you carefully plan your next steps. Get in touch with us today to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer!