What Are the Different Types of Expert Witnesses Used for Dog Bite Claims?

Being bitten by a dog can be a terrifying experience that leads to serious injuries and disfigurement. You may have to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery because of the damage the dog’s teeth caused, or you may have limitations to your mobility or the amount you can work. 

Many people require complicated medical procedures to repair the damage, and some of these concepts can be technical and a little hard to explain to a jury. Therefore, your Los Angeles dog bite lawyer may use expert witnesses in your trial.

What is an expert witness?

An expert witness is an expert in a particular field — usually:

  • scientific,
  • financial,
  • medical,
  • or other technical fields

who can explain some of the more complicated jargon for your case in a manner that an average layperson can understand. 

For example, an expert medical witness or plastic surgeon may be called to explain how the damage was caused and how the injuries have diminished the victim’s physical abilities.

Expert Witnesses Typically Called in Dog Bite Cases

A dog mauling can result in severe and life-changing injuries for the victim. These injuries can seriously impact their life and abilities, so your LA dog bite injury attorney may call several different kinds of experts.

Medical Experts

Suppose that you put your hands up to protect your face during a dog attack. Medical experts can later review your medical records and verify that your injuries required the extensive treatment you received, including:

  • Trauma care in the ER
  • Surgery to repair torn muscles and ligaments in your arms and hands
  • Scar revision to remove scar tissue or adhesions that happened as you healed
  • Physical or occupational therapy to help you regain your range of motion and strength
  • Tissue repair surgery or reconstructive surgery in your hands and face

You may require other intensive medical care, depending on the extent of the damage. A medical expert can explain to a jury or a judge why such extensive medical care was necessary in your case.

Vocational Rehabilitation Experts

A vocational expert can help explain to the judge and jury how your injuries make it more difficult for you to continue on the job you had at the time of the attack. Some injuries cause permanent damage that prevents you from fulfilling your job duties. The vocational expert links the injuries to your ability to work and validates these losses for the judge.

Financial Expert

A financial expert tallies your losses after the dog mauling — not just the immediate losses, but how the attack will affect you financially for the rest of your life. These losses can include:

  • The cost of recuperative or long-term care for your injuries, like a rehabilitative nursing home
  • The impact of the injuries on your ability to earn a living
  • The financial impact of changing careers due to the injury damage

You could have other financial losses, too, which the expert can detail.

Psychological and Psychiatric Experts

The emotional and psychological impact of a dog mauling can be life-changing. Many victims may develop post-traumatic stress disorder or a phobia of dogs.

Anxiety, stress, and night terrors are common, and some victims may suffer from insomnia that affects daily life and performance at work. Some people may fear going out into spaces where a dog could be, including public parks or jogging trails. 

These phobias may make it harder for you to do activities you used to love, like biking, jogging, hiking, or even taking a walk. A psychological expert can explain to the court how the long-term emotional impacts of the dog attack have affected your life. 

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