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Wow! I am so happy to have been referred to Saeedian Law Group. While stopped at a stop light, my car got rear ended. I started to feel pain in my neck and back from the whiplash. I started having major headaches and didn’t want to deal back and forth with the insurance companies. As I told my friend about my accident, she immediately told me to call Michael Saeedian. I didn’t call him right away but she gave him my info and he called right away and i am so glad i did. Michael found a local repair shop that fixed my car immediately and did the best work i have ever seen. Also, Michael helped me to see a chiropractor to treat my injuries and an MRI for my constant headaches. He set up all my initial consultations and it was smooth sailing from there.
I do really appreciate the direct communication and attention you get from him. He really makes sure you get the care that you need. He was able to get me a great settlement and I am overly satisfied. Thank you Michael! I definitely recommend him for your auto accident claims.

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