How to Get Your Long Beach Accident Report

Long Beach Accident Report

If you sustained injuries in a Long Beach car accident that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages. To pursue a claim, you will need a copy of the accident report.

After an accident, call 911 or contact the Long Beach Police Dispatch to request an officer sent to the scene.

The responding officer will complete a Long Beach traffic accident report, documenting all the relevant details surrounding the collision. Once you have this information, you can get started on the legal process.

You can obtain a copy of your Long Beach accident report yourself. However, you might already have enough to worry about, as you fight to recover from your injuries.

Another option is to contact a Long Beach car accident lawyer at the Saeedian Law Group. One of our experienced attorneys can handle this task—and all the other aspects of recovering compensation—on your behalf.

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How to Get a Copy of an Accident Report in Long Beach, California

The process for requesting a Long Beach police department accident report is relatively simple.

First, download the required form, Application for Release of Traffic Collision Report, from the LBPD website.

If you prefer not to download the form, or if you do not have access to the internet or a printer, you can request to have an application form mailed to you by calling 562-570-7381. You can also visit the LBPD headquarters or any substation to request this form.

Next, fill out the form completely and sign it to certify that all information is true and correct. Submit the Long Beach crash report request form, along with the request fee, in person or by mail. LBPD estimates an approximately ten business day turnaround for accident report requests.

Where Is the Long Beach Police Department?

The physical address of the Long Beach Police Department headquarters is:

400 West Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90802

To obtain the locations of LBPD substations, contact the department’s helpline at 562-570-7381. You can also find information about the department’s location by downloading and installing the LBPD app.

Are There Other Ways to Get Long Beach Police Accident Reports?

Many California cities offer accident report access through online providers, such as LexisNexis BuyCrash (formerly LexisNexis Police Reports).

However, you cannot obtain copies of Long Beach car accident reports online, through this, or any other website. The only way to obtain a copy of your report is to request it directly from LBPD.

Beware of any sites that might suggest otherwise, as these portals often link to third-party legal professionals who pay to obtain access to your information, should you sign up.

How Much Does a Long Beach Car Accident Report Cost?

The cost for requesting a Long Beach accident report is $23. This fee is not refundable. However, LBPD will provide a report for crime victims without the $23 request fee.

You can pay with cash or check if you request your report at the business desk of LBPD headquarters. You can also pay the request fee via check at any LBPD substation or through the mail.

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