Dog Bites and Dog Sitters: What If the Dog Wasn’t with Its Owner?

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, and many of us think of our dogs as our most loyal companions. People who have been the victim of dog attacks in the past know full well how harrowing it can be to have such an experience.

Fortunately, there are laws that ensure that dog owners are held responsible for the actions of their dogs. Dog owners found responsible for their dog’s actions may be required to offer financial compensation to the victims. 

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Dog Bites in California

California has what is referred to as a “strict liability law” when dealing with responsibility for dog attacks. This strict liability law means that in almost every situation, a dog owner can be held responsible for the behavior of their dogs. 

The strict liability law dictates that, as long as the person who has been attacked was not trespassing on the dog owner’s property, the dog owner can be liable in case of an attack.

This is because dog owners have a responsibility to control their dogs. This rule stands no matter where the dog or the owner may be, whether in a public or private place. 

In fact, even in the dog owner’s home, the dog owner is responsible for protecting any legal guests from their dog.

What if the owner wasn’t present when the attack occurred?

A growing number of people are finding gig work or even careers in dog sitting. Dog sitters can make a lot of money while spending time with the animals they love. It can be a very rewarding career filled with meaningful relationships, but it also necessitates a lot of one-on-one time with unfamiliar dogs in unfamiliar settings. 

If a dog bites you while you’re alone in someone else’s house, you may fear that you have no right to compensation. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Dog sitters and other guests who are legally on someone else’s property are protected after dog attacks under the law.

If necessary, dog owners must secure their dogs in a room or crate where they cannot attack or harm anyone. Those who allow the risk of an attack may find themselves in court paying a settlement to the victims.

What if there was a “beware of dog” sign?

Many dog owners who cannot vouch for the friendliness of their dogs will post very visible warnings about their pets. These warnings often take the form of signs that read “Beware of Dog.” 

If a dog has attacked you on a property that posted a beware of dog sign, you may fear that you have no right to compensation. However, warning signs have no legal standing and do not waive the owners’ responsibility to ensure that their dog does not attack anyone who is legally on their property.

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California law strictly protects citizens from dog attacks. Owners who fail to keep their dogs under control can be held liable for compensating the victim’s damages. 

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