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To obtain a car accident report in Orange County, CA, you must first determine which police department or law enforcement agency filed the report.

If your accident occurred within one of the Southern California cities within the County, the city’s police department likely filed the report.

Depending on where the crash took place, however, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) might be the governing law enforcement agency. If so, you must request the report directly from the OCSD.

How to Get a Copy of an Orange County Car Accident Report

To obtain an Orange County accident report, you must contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. You must comply with the Department’s report request guidelines before the OCSD will consider providing you with a copy of an Orange County traffic accident report.

The process begins with downloading a copy of the Department’s Request Authorization Form Release of Case Information. You must complete and sign the form and then submit it either in person or by fax, email, or U.S. mail.

Submit your request via email to Submit your request via fax at 714-834-5466. To file your request form in person, visit the OCSD’s Records Unit in Santa Ana. To submit your request via U.S. mail, send it to P.O. Box 449, Santa Ana, CA 92702.

Where Is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department?

The physical address for OCSD’s Records Unit is:

320 N. Flower Street

Santa Ana, CA 92703

The mailing address for the Records Unit is:

P.O. Box 449

Santa Ana, CA 92702

The OCSD requests that before you visit the Records Unit in person, you call them first, at 714-834-6454, to verify the availability of the report you need.

Are There Other Ways to Get Orange County Car Accident Reports?

At this time, the OCSD does not offer any alternatives for obtaining OC accident reports.

You might encounter websites that claim to provide Orange County accident reports online.

However, none of these sites are affiliated with any California law enforcement agency, nor can they provide actual copies of any Orange County, CA traffic report. These sites typically collect your information and share it with third-party legal service providers.

How Much Do Orange County Traffic Accident Reports Cost?

Currently, the cost for obtaining an Orange County, CA accident report is $0.15 per page.

Although some southern California municipalities require a fee for requesting an accident report, the OCSD does not require any fee upon making a request for a car accident report in Orange County. Instead, the Department will assess the fee at the time you pick up your report.

Talk to a California Car Accident Attorney Today for Help with Accident Reports in Orange County

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Having a car accident lawyer from the Saeedian Law Group handle your case allows you to focus on your health and recovery, while your attorney handles everything for you—including getting a copy of your accident report.

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