6 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney After a Truck Accident   

Accidents involving a commercial truck differ from accidents between two private vehicle drivers. Instead of your insurance company and car accident lawyer negotiating with the other driver’s representatives, a commercial truck accident involves the victim, the truck driver, the trucking company, and possibly other defendants. 

Your truck accident attorney must have experience in litigating complex cases with multiple defendants and the resources to pursue a case like this. As seasoned Los Angeles truck accident lawyers, we get plenty of questions from our clients.

1. How do you determine who caused my accident?

We start by evaluating the circumstances of the accident, including reviewing the police report and conducting our own witness interviews. We may also review any video footage of the accident or have an expert accident reconstructionist analyze it.

2. Do I need to see a doctor after the truck accident?

Yes, seeking medical attention after an accident is always a good idea. The sheer difference in size between a passenger car and a semi-truck often means that the car driver will have much more serious injuries than the truck driver. 

But when we build your case, we usually don’t rely on just the medical records from your post-accident treatment. We may have your injuries evaluated by a specialist physician who can provide an expert opinion about your long-term prognosis so we can properly value your claim.

3. What do I do if the trucking company contacts me after my accident?

You don’t have to say anything to the other party’s insurance company and are within your rights to refuse to talk to them. The insurance adjuster for the trucking company’s insurance carrier will likely ask for your statement about the accident. You do not have to give one — in fact, it’s best that you don’t. 

Refer the adjuster to your truck accident lawyer because the truck company’s insurance company may construe anything you say to the insurance adjuster as an admission of fault on your part for the accident.

4. Should I accept a settlement for my truck accident?

Sometimes, a truck accident victim will be approached by the trucking company’s carrier and offered a settlement from the accident. Usually, the offer is as little as they can get away with because the insurance company knows that you may actually be entitled to much more than they’re offering. 

Your truck accident lawyer has the experience to know how to properly value your case, so ask them about any settlement offers.

5. How long do you anticipate my case taking to settle?

Each case is different, and the length of time it takes to settle your claim often depends on how many defendants are involved and how clear-cut the issues of liability are. 

The simpler your case and the fewer dependents, the less time it will take to build the case and proceed to mediation or trial. The more defendants, the longer a case will usually take to conclude.

6. What resources do you have to litigate a complicated case?

Most truck accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they get paid after they win a case. Some firms may not have the resources necessary to pay for the upfront costs of investigating your case and therefore may not be able to fully litigate your case.

Do you need legal representation after a Los Angeles truck accident?

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