4 Important Questions to Ask a Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents on construction sites can have severe implications. That’s because construction sites are filled with dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. Combine this fact with the precarious nature of most construction jobs, and it’s obvious why the industry has the potential to be so dangerous.

If you or a loved one have been in a construction accident, it is important to consult a qualified construction accident attorney regarding your claim. To help you keep the important questions in focus, here are four important questions to ask during your consultation.

1. How many construction accident cases have you handled?

Many personal injury attorneys overfill their schedules with everything related to personal injury instead of focusing on a few key areas. This can come at a cost with a nuanced area like construction accidents, which occur throughout Los Angeles on a daily basis. 

Construction accidents can be highly complex, so having a perspective that is fundamentally rooted in construction accident litigation may be advantageous in regard to maximizing your claim.

In addition to finding out what percentage of their caseload pertains to construction accidents, it is a good idea to find out how long the lawyer has been practicing. This will give you an idea of how savvy they are in the field and how seasoned they will appear in court.

2. Do you have settlement and trial experience?

Finding out whether the lawyer is well-versed in out-of-court settlements or trial experience will give you an idea of the extent of their abilities. Ideally, you will want a lawyer who has plenty of experience with both, but this ultimately depends on the nature of your case.

By selecting a lawyer with experience in out-of-court settlements and trials, you are ensuring that you have retained someone who possesses a thorough understanding of applicable case law and can represent your interests no matter where the case goes.

3. What is your fee structure?

It is always a good idea to learn about the lawyer’s fee structure prior to hiring them. Understand how they bill for miscellaneous costs and whether they work on contingency. Most construction accident lawyers work on contingency by default, which means they get paid when you receive money from your settlement or are awarded damages after successful litigation. 

If the lawyer does work on contingency, they will only be paid a percentage of your total claim amount, so you don’t need to worry about your entire payout going to your legal bills.

4. Does my case have weaknesses?

Finding out whether your case has any weak points is crucial to a successful outcome. A qualified construction accident attorney will be able to examine all of the details and formulate a strategy based on the case’s strengths and weaknesses.

There is no way for any lawyer to guarantee the outcome of any case. Doing so would go against the central tenets of the legal system. However, by identifying your case’s weaknesses, a construction accident lawyer will be able to anticipate the other party’s strategy and minimize any surprises during negotiations or litigation.

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