A person takes a photo of a wrecked car

3 Reasons to Avoid Posting About Your Car Accident on Social Media

There is a powerful drive in today’s social sphere to share everything that happens to you on your social media pages. People post about significant events, such as weddings, moves, and jobs, as well as mundane occurrences like cleaning out their car, something cute their animals did, or that cheese sandwich they ate for lunch. In fact, this type of posting is encouraged in today’s technophile culture, where anything could go viral.

While all of this can be fun and entertaining, you may want to reconsider posting about any car accidents you may have been involved in. To help you understand why discretion is recommended, here are a few reasons to avoid posting about your car accident on social media.

1. You Are Giving the Other Side Grounds for Dispute

You or anyone else posting pictures of your damaged vehicle on social media could give the other side leverage with which to dispute your injuries and losses. While you and your attorney may want to keep photos taken at the scene of the accident for litigation purposes, posting them on social media could end up being detrimental to your case.

Even if you do not post the photos, you could be in hot water if you post too much information pertaining to your well-being and recent activities. If you claim to have sustained a serious and debilitating injury but post photos of yourself on a tennis court, you could be giving the other side grounds to dispute your claims.

2. A Post Could Be Seen as an Admission of Fault

Keep in mind that you are dealing with lawyers and insurance companies. Social media aside, many experts will advise any accident victim not to speak with the opposing party or their insurance company. They can take your words and use them to benefit their agenda. 

Any statement you make about your accident could be used in a way that you did not intend. Social media makes this problem even worse, as a post is more than just your words and is available to a wider audience.

3. Your Privacy Is Not Protected

Although your social media profiles might be set to private, this only works for people who are not already on your friends list. Although the rules vary from platform to platform, in most instances, your friends can still view and screenshot your photos. Further complicating the matter is a 2018 court ruling that states that private posts are still subject to discovery, meaning you could be required to turn over your private posts in the event of litigation.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take in the event of a car accident to ensure that your privacy and the integrity of your case are maintained. Once you have had a chance to exit the vehicle and exchange insurance information, run through this checklist: 

  • Take pictures of the accident and all related damage
  • Only talk to the other driver and witnesses when absolutely necessary
  • Write down everything you remember about the accident
  • See your doctor as soon as possible
  • Make all of your social media private, and avoid adding new followers
  • Try not to post anything until you have consulted with an accident attorney

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm Today

If followed, the above checklist should help you minimize the chances of someone using words or pictures posted to social media against you after a car accident. As with any legal matter, your best bet is to consult an attorney. 

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