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17 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

After a truck accident, it is common to feel confused and unsure of what to do. You may consider pursuing compensation for your injuries but might not know where to start. A truck accident lawyer is your best ally.

If you’ve experienced a truck accident, here are seven reasons why you should consider hiring a truck accident attorney.

1. Truck Accident Attorneys Can Deal with Insurance Companies

Semi-trucks are capable of causing much more damage and injuries in a collision than a regular-sized vehicle. Therefore, they must be protected by massive insurance policies.

Since trucks have significantly larger insurance coverage, insurance companies are always looking for ways to minimize liability and avoid paying. Additionally, if these insurers offer settlements, they’re often very low and unfair.

A truck accident attorney knows how to handle communicating and negotiating with difficult insurance companies, so you don’t have to.

2. Truck Accident Lawyers Know How to Prove Liability

Liability for truck accidents is often nothing like that of a regular accident. While many people believe truck drivers are solely responsible for truck accidents, that is not always the case.

Many parties can be liable for truck accidents aside from the driver, including:

  • The owner of the truck
  • The trucking company
  • The party responsible for loading the cargo
  • The party responsible for truck maintenance
  • The truck manufacturer or the truck parts manufacturers

Determining liability can be particularly complicated, and in plenty of cases, multiple parties share responsibility. 

Finding the at-fault parties is critical for your case, as it helps determine who you’ll be receiving compensation from. A truck accident lawyer has the skills and resources to investigate your case and determine who can be held responsible for your accident. 

3. Truck Accident Attorneys Understand the Complicated Trucking Industry Regulations

The trucking industry is regulated by various state and federal regulations. These rules are often difficult to understand. Violations of these regulations can help decipher the cause of the accident and who may be responsible. 

While most individuals lack the knowledge and understanding of these trucking regulations, truck accident lawyers are familiar with them and know how to link them to your case.

4. Truck Accident Lawyers Are Well-Versed in Relevant Law

Like trucking regulations, there are various laws pertaining to truck accidents and resulting injuries. A lawyer that focuses on truck accident cases knows which laws affect your case.

5. Truck Accident Attorneys Can Gather Helpful Evidence

Evidence can help build a strong case. Some evidence is particularly helpful for truck accidents, including a truck’s black box.

A truck accident attorney knows how to obtain helpful evidence to help strengthen your case and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

6. Truck Accident Lawyers Create Ideal Legal Strategies

No two truck accident cases are alike. Due to this fact, your lawyer will need to take a personalized approach to your case and come up with the best legal strategy for your particular case.

Creating a legal plan of action depends on the details of your case. A truck accident lawyer will know the steps to take to get you the most favorable outcome.

7. Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help Pursue Compensation

After a semi-truck collision, you’re unlikely to know exactly how much your case is worth and what you’re owed for your injuries and losses. A truck accident attorney knows how to examine certain factors to help decipher the compensation you’re entitled to.

When you have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side, they will never let you settle for less than what’s fair. They will do whatever is necessary to get you the financial recovery you need, even if it means going to trial.

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