Saeedian Law Group wants to help our community get back to pre-pandemic life, and we know that increasing vaccinations is a step in that direction. The FDA has authorized COVID-19 vaccines from three manufacturers:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech,
  • Moderna, and
  • Johnson & Johnson.

All three vaccines are approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC. They are proven to be safe and effective at combating the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Plus, all three vaccines are completely free. We want to help keep our community healthy by getting Californians vaccinated.

We Got Our COVID-19 Vaccines. Have You?

To assist our neighbors in easing the burden of getting their vaccine, Saeedian Law Group is offering free rides to vaccination centers for 50 riders.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected California. According to the California COVID-19 state dashboard, there have been nearly 4.5 million cases in California and 68,087 deaths. A bright light, however, is that California has administered 49 million COVID-19 vaccines. That equates to 78.1% of our population.

To continue encouraging Californians to make a vaccine appointment to receive their shot, Saeedian Law Group will reimburse Uber rides for 50 riders.

What Are the Details?

Saeedian Law Group will reimburse the first 50 people to submit proof of their Uber vaccine rides. These individuals are eligible for reimbursement for four trips: two trips to a vaccine site and two trips home. We will reimburse up to $25 per trip. 

This offer is valid for UberX rides between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM to vaccination clinics in the Los Angeles area. Due to the various waiting periods between vaccine doses (detailed by the CDC), the Uber rides must also be at least three weeks apart. 

How Do I Redeem Your Offer to Reimburse My Uber Vaccine Ride?

To take advantage of our offer, follow the steps below via our submission portal.

  1. Submit your Uber receipts (or screenshots of your trip from the Uber app),
  2. Send us a picture of your driver’s license,
  3. Provide proof that you received your vaccine, and
  4. Give us your PayPal information.

You must submit your receipts and all other information within seven days of receiving your last vaccine dose. 

That’s it! If you are one of the first 50 people to submit your documentation, we will send you your reimbursement via PayPal.

Additional Information

This offer is limited to Uber trips to vaccine sites in Los Angeles, California. It is also limited to one reimbursement per household. 

Unfortunately, many people are experiencing challenging burdens when attempting to get their vaccine. Our hope is that this offer eliminates one of those complications. By simply sending us your receipt from your Uber vaccine ride, we will cover up to $25 per ride for up to two (2) round trips to a vaccine clinic. 

Together, we can fight the COVID-19 pandemic, protect our community, and accelerate our return to pre-pandemic life. Join us by taking advantage of our Uber vaccine rides.