Will a Car Accident Settlement Cover My Chiropractic Treatment?

chiropractor after car accident settlement

Medical experts often recommend going to a chiropractor after a car accident. This is especially true if an injury accident victim has (or suspects) spine or neck injuries, nerve damage, or other injury to the musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractic care is a proven, non-surgical treatment approach that can benefit injury victims of all types. Chiropractors help injury victims recover from serious injuries without invasive surgeries or potentially addictive pain medications.

Unfortunately, injury accident victims often lack the financial resources to pay for these effective but potentially costly treatments. The good news is that in most cases, Los Angeles car accident settlements do cover the cost of chiropractic medicine and related therapeutic treatments. 

Being the victim of a car accident can leave you with myriad questions and concerns. To get the information and answers you need to take the next step, talk to a Los Angeles car injury attorney at the Saeedian Law Group. 

What Can a Chiropractor Do for a Car Accident Victim?

More than 22 million Americans seek chiropractic care each year in the U.S. This treatment approach combines manual manipulation of the joints with a variety of physical therapies and other treatments. The goals of chiropractic care are to reduce pain, increase strength, and restore function and range of motion. The treatment plan recommended for you will depend on the type of injuries you suffered in the accident.

When you go for your first appointment, your chiropractor will evaluate you thoroughly, typically taking x-rays and performing a comprehensive exam. The doctor will take down your medical history and ask you a variety of questions to determine what type of symptoms you may be suffering.

Your chiropractor will then perform manual adjustments as necessary, which is often followed by one or more therapeutic treatments. Some of the most common therapies include ultrasound, stretching, spinal traction, and manual therapy of soft tissue. Most patients leave their appointment with a noticeable and lasting drop in discomfort. Over time (often just a few weeks), chiropractic treatment can help patients recover from painful car accident injuries.

Should I Go to the Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

After a serious motor vehicle collision, the most important consideration is your safety and the safety of others who were involved.  It’s a good idea to get checked out by EMTs at the scene of the accident. If no emergency medical technicians were there, go directly to the emergency room, urgent care, or another qualified medical treatment provider for evaluation, even if you don’t believe you were seriously injured. This helps ensure that you do not have any undetected internal damage or other injuries that require treatment from a medical doctor. Getting seen by a doctor immediately also provides critical medical records that your lawyer will need when building a case for you.

Next, you need to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. Waiting until you start experiencing neck or back pain could potentially worsen any soft tissue damage you sustained. Delaying treatment could also potentially weaken your legal claim. The insurance company could assert that since you didn’t seek chiropractic care immediately, you obviously weren’t hurt that badly. 

Although chiropractic treatment is safe for most accident victims, it is always a good idea to clear any type of accident injury treatment with your primary treatment provider. This is especially important if you have preexisting spinal injuries such as a slipped or herniated disc, osteoporosis, or other issues with the musculoskeletal system. If you do not know any treatment providers or chiropractors, contact a car accident attorney from the Saeedian Law Group. We may be able to refer you to highly qualified treatment providers in your area who are willing to wait for payment until your case is settled.

Can I Get a Car Accident Chiropractor Settlement?

If your accident was caused by someone else, the at-fault party is liable for your physical, emotional, and financial damages. If your injuries require treatment from a chiropractor, you should be able to include those costs in your settlement demand to the insurance company.

In addition to chiropractic care, you could be entitled to recover compensation for other medical treatment and care, lost income and benefits, emotional trauma, and other damages you sustained.

Whether you will need to see a chiropractor after a car accident settlement will depend on how your recovery is progressing and what your chiropractic doctor recommends for your optimal health. If you will require ongoing treatment, your attorney may include the estimated cost of future treatment in your settlement amount.

Do Personal Injury Settlements Pay for Chiropractic Care?

The best way to determine whether you can recover compensation for a chiropractor car accident claim is to speak with a qualified attorney.

An experienced personal injury lawyer understands how to build the strongest possible case. Your attorney may have to prove that your injuries required chiropractic care. Look for a law firm that has a wealth of resources that it can put to work for you. Your lawyer may need to call on a medical expert to provide a statement or to testify regarding your need for comprehensive chiropractic care.

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In California, the personal injury attorneys of the Saeedian Law Group provide compassionate legal representation for victims of car accidents and other personal injuries. We have a wide variety of resources that we put to work for you, helping you get the best possible outcome for your case.

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